(sonicArts) keyboard shortcuts in logic pro x

keyboard shortcuts are money

That’s the basic mantra. Keyboard shortcuts are money.

Because they save you time. If you save time, you can work on more projects. When you can work on more projects, you make more money.

So, say it again: keyboard shortcuts are money.


every keyboard shortcut, online


But this list can be a little overwhelming. You memorize key commands a little bit at a time. Pick out some key ones for doing your project.


starting essentials

Keys to be pressed are within <> signs.

<spacebar> starts and stops playback from current location

<returnkey> rewinds to the beginning of the project

> shows/hides automation

> shows/hides the File browser

> shows/hides the miXer

<command> + < > opens the main window (tracks/channel strip/controls)

<command> + < > opens the mixer window (as a separate window, not a pane within the main window)

<option> + <mousedrag> copies information: whole tracks, audio regions within tracks, audio effects from one mixer channel to another or within the same channel

<option> + <mousedrag> at an edge of an audio region ( shows [ or ] ), adjusts the edge of the audio region and creates a new region (other copies of the region are unaffected)

<option> + <click> on any triangle in the file browser and all files/regions collapse/expand

<doubleclick> on any track name to rename the track