(sonicarts) saving retro synth programs and finding them later

Saving your work on a computer is good.* Backing up your saved work on a computer is also good.**

*Saving your programs/patches*** on the Retro Synth allows you to save work in progress (if you like something even a little, save it), to make variations of programs you like, and to generally develop a library of programs that you can use in a project.

**Since the lab computers will erase user data once you log out of a computer, you HAVE to back up your work if you want to have it the next time you return to work.

***A program or patch is the unique settings of each dial, modulation routing, pitch bend amount, etc., that produces a unique sound.

The Retro Synth in Logic allows you to save programs you make, and if you store them in the preferred location it will show you a list of your saved programs in the same drop down menu that shows stock/factory programs. Click on the Retro Synth main menu to access file management commands (save, load, etc.).


You can scroll down to the save command.



Save the program in the default location, which is usernamehome > Music > Audio Music Apps > Plug-In Settings > Retro Synth. Any user-saved programs will show up above the factory programs.

All is well, at least until you log out. When you log out, any user-created files are deleted. Here’s where the backing up part comes into play.

If you’re  used to putting your files on the desktop, you might have trouble finding the folder with your Retro Synth programs. You can keep track of the above file path, or you can use the Spotlight search feature to find the files. Search for any of the filenames you saved, click on it in the resulting file listing, then look at the file path in the bottom of the finder window.





When you return to the lab to continue working, you need to copy your Retro Synth programs back into this same folder.


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